Sponsorship opportunities

Polo is a highly visible and glamorous sport. Sponsorship at a polo event is a unique communication tool which allows brands to be directly associated to a lifestyle, its values and its audience. Polo provides exclusive communication platforms, and without a doubt, is one of the most prestigious sports to be associated with.

Polo appeals to a very exclusive audience, and holds a growing fascination among a wider public. The influx of variations on the sport such as Beach, Snow and Arena polo prove the increasing interest the sport is generating, and new players are taking up the game on a global scale.

A brand presence at a Polo event is more then marketing. It is allows a brand access into the inner sanctum of a very elite club. It offers the opportunity to interact with your audience in an elegant, understated and hugely effective way. It provides the opportunity for building a unique relationship with your audience and exposing your brand to a global crowd.

Sponsoring polo gives the following benefits:

•     Visibility – Brands have a wide range of advertising opportunities around the Club and the field on which to display their logo and brand presence. We will assist you with the most effective strategies here, be it team attire, fieldside branding, scoreboard presence or horse tack.

•     Image – Every sponsorship is meant to improve the brand’s image. Advertising plays on the public’s imagination. Sponsoring Polo appeals to the emotion and the values of the sport and associates them to a brand (team spirit, fair-play, surpassing oneself, risk etc.).

•     Reach– Brands benefit from the positive values of polo and the tournaments they are associated with. In this context, they are able to establish an effective relationship with a specific target market and carefully tailor their marketing message.

•     Corporate Communication – Brands know how to communicate towards their clients, but they also need to motivate their teams. Sponsoring reinforces the connection between firms and those who make them

•    Public Relations – Every polo event is an opportunity to invite clients and VIPs. Your brand association is strengthened in a glamourous and effective manner that provides enjoyment to your clients while reinforcing your message.

The audience of the Ibiza Polo Club

Ibiza benefits from a strategic location and an incredible climate. The island is a privileged scene which attracts an exclusive public, International and European. Ibiza has its own pace and is a also a trend setter. The island has become one of the most exclusive destination of the Mediterranean which makes it the ideal place for a brand to communicate.

The IBIZA POLO CLUB is settled in a idilic place, in the north of the island, close to Ibiza’s most beautiful rocky inlets, surrounded by orange trees, and by the hills of San Joan, San Carlos and Santa Gertrudis. Here, polo is not the same.

The IBIZA POLO CLUB gathers an homogenous public when it comes to tastes and way of being, with a very high spending level, and an easiness to access which, out of the field, does no longer exist.

The IBIZA POLO CLUB merges the name of its sponsors with the sexiest sport on earth. And this, in Ibiza, is more meaningful than anywhere else in the world.

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