IBIZA POLO CLUB offers the following facilities: Reception The office is open all week.  Please contact us for the information you need about registrations, sponsorship opportunities, the polo school, private lessons, tournaments, practices and we would be delighted to assist you. Club facilities The club offers excellent facilities, a player’s dressing room, bathrooms, showers and a massage room Stables. At the club are 60 stables that are spacious, comfortable and perfectly ventilated. They have automatic watering, and the horses are bedded on a hypo-allergenic natural bedding. Club House  A 300 square meter roofed deck shelters the spectators and VIP guests so they can comfortably enjoy a polo game . There is a fully stocked bar and catering is available on pre-request. The Arena The size of the sand arena is 80 x 40 meters. This is the alternative field to the grass field when it rains and it is the ideal place to practice beach polo or fine tune your field techniques. Paddocks There are three fenced paddocks, each one of 60 x 60 meters for the horses to relax and graze in. We also provide smaller paddocks for individual strings. Excercize Track We have a sand track of 450 meters to keep the horses fit and ready to play. Polo Field 250 x 140 meters, grass field. Polo shop The IBIZA POLO CLUB has its own clothing brand. The shop is at the club and we stock:

    • Boots, helmets and gloves.
    • Reins and bridles
    • Kneepads and polo goggles.
    •  Whips, mallets and ball
    •  Polo shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts.
    •  Bespoke Ibiza Polo bags
    • Polo Whites
    •  Other equipment, such as saddles, mallets and can be ordered for you from our trusted international suppliers.
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Tel.: +34 971 325 365
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