Polo team building

Polo Team Building was originated in the USA as one of the best ways to strengthen a team, as polo requires a united effort. Learning to play polo is a unique experience, requiring discipline, strength and communication skills.  This is an ideal, effective and unusual way to build co-operation and leadership within your corporation.

Gabriel Iglesias

Why Polo team building in Ibiza?

IBIZA POLO CLUB offers human resource departments a fascinating experience to develop strategy and collective team consciousness. It unites colleagues while they learn to play polo as a team, and is more accessible than many people believe. It is exhilarating and provides many individual challenges that develops confidence in ability. Each team has 4 players playing on the grass field or 3 players playing in the sand arena. It’s crucial that each player works together with his colleagues to win. This develops communication and enhances the team mindset. In polo, the talent of each player relies on their teammates developing communication skills. On the field, they have to respond quickly to every situation. The collective strategy is as important as the individual skill of each player. This creates a need and willingness to develop a common solution to problems. The game is an exciting challenge that tests the physical and mental ability of each player. It is a truly unique experience that the team will remember. Safety comes first. Insurance is mandatory for all the players and world-class instructors conduct every lesson. The horses are all highly trained and your teams safety and comfort is our primary concern.

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